About us


A PASSION for property which turned into a DREAM. A DREAM which the founder of Sensara Malta turned into REALITY. A REALITY which offers SECURITY and peace of mind… Sensara Malta.

A dreamer and founder, Janice Azzopardi has been involved in the construction industry for the past 25 years both working for the Malta’s leading developers as well as for the main leading property agents. 5 years ago, she felt the need to go a step further and form Sensara Malta, a company which safeguards the needs of both buyers and sellers. Today, together with her constantly growing team of professional property brokers, Janice works on ensuring that all parties negotiate an honest and fair deal.

Sensara Malta consists of a team of trained professionals who individually concentrate on all areas of the Maltese Islands, including South, Central, North and recently with the addition of specific brokers who specialise in our sister island, Gozo. As a team of committed individuals, each broker is constantly updated with the latest regulations and restrictions, legal notices and benefits both in the buying and letting industry to ensure that your investment dealings run smoothly.

A fair deal is an utmost priority at Sensara Malta and therefore the company only charge the traditional and lowest commission rate on the island of 1% as stipulated by the Maltese Laws and Regulations.

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